Experienced Estate Planning

An estate plan is an essential document for all individuals to have, regardless of your financial situation. Whether it’s something as simple as naming a 401k beneficiary or creating several different trusts, rely on Zajac Group to help with your estate planning.

Protect Your Legacy With the Right Plan

Your estate is everything you hold dear, including assets, wealth, savings and property you’ve accumulated. But your estate plan will change as you enter new phases of life. Let us create an estate plan that meets your goals now and help you adjust it as your wealth, assets, and family plan change.
Comprehensive Estate Planning

Your assets and everything you build throughout your life deserve protection. Let us help you develop an estate plan that gives you more control over your wealth to aid your lasting legacy.

Charitable Giving

Whether you have donated to charities during your lifetime or want to leave some assets in your will, we can help you create a plan for charitable donations and educate you on how they will impact your estate.

Estate Flow Chart Creation

You’ll get a customized estate flow chart to encompass the entire planning process, including the effective preservation, protection, and potential increase of your estate. We’ll help you plan for it all.

Trust & Will Planning Strategies

You’ll want to make sure your assets, property, and finances are distributed properly. Let us work with you on trust and will planning strategies that help protect what matters most with legal documentation.

Estate Tax Strategies

Estate taxes can be complex and often expensive. Let us help you plan ahead for any estate taxes as well as other tax benefits and strategies that may help you leave more to your heirs.

Long-Term Care & Costs

Your estate plan is specific to your future needs for more security, family care costs, and more. Relay your family goals and needs to our advisors for an ideal solution to help ensure everything is taken care of.

Integrated Estate Guidance & Advice

Your life savings, assets, and everything you’ve built should be taken seriously. At Zajac Group, your estate is safe in our hands. Your needs and your financial circumstances are our top priority, so we can create the best plan to help you protect the future care of your finances and family with greater control during your life.

What You Leave Behind Matters

Let our advisors help you create a custom estate plan that encompasses all the aspects of your wealth to provide more peace of mind for yourself and your family. A plan is the first start to protecting your estate and your legacy.
Helping You Make Your Mark

The value of your estate and what you build during your lifetime is priceless. At Zajac Group, we understand this and take it seriously to provide estate planning advice that meets your needs.

Plan for the Protection of Your Loved Ones

Estate planning can be emotionally charged. You’ll get the support and sensitivity of our advisors to help make planning for your estate easy, so your loved ones can avoid probate in court later on.

Collaboration With Your Team

Whether you’re working with an estate attorney, a CPA, or a tax professional, we can collaborate with your financial team to help you build a cohesive estate plan that accounts for all your wealth.

Documented Support for Your Best Wishes

You’ll get a comprehensive estate plan and flow chart that supports your wishes with a strategy to help you grow, protect and transfer your wealth. Make your estate a lasting family legacy.

Let’s Talk About Your
Financial Future

Maximize and protect your wealth with integrated, customized planning for a lifetime of success.

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