Personal Financial Planning

Your financial needs are special to you and depend on many factors that change as you grow.

With a nationwide reach, extensive resources, and top-tier experience in wealth management, we can create a custom plan that suits your goals—now and in the future.

Plan To Achieve Financial Freedom

With your goals in mind, we take time to create an integrated and personalized financial plan that incorporates all the strategies you need to help you succeed and achieve financial freedom through every phase of life.

Plan Ahead for Retirement

Retirement is an integral part of life, and it’s never too early to start planning for your future cash flow, savings, and investments. You’ll get a plan with guidance on how to manage your money for this time.

Diversify Investments

Get complete investment management with strategies to help grow and protect your assets. You’ll get a plan for short and long-term investment goals with integrated stocks, bonds, and more.

Optimize Tax Strategy

Taxes are inevitable at every stage of life. Whether you’re looking to buy a new business or transitioning to retirement, we can help you understand the tax impact on your finances to create an optimal strategy.

Equity Compensation Planning

If you have equity comp, rely on Zajac. Your stock option strategy will be handled with experience and insight into the best way to leverage, exercise, buy or sell your shares for ideal results!

Maximize Charitable Giving

Giving to charities, nonprofits, and local organizations is vital for your well-being and your tax breaks. We’ll help you understand the impact of donations on your finances so you can achieve optimal returns.

Secure Your Estate

Your assets and everything you build throughout your life deserve protection. Let us help you develop an estate plan to protect your hard work and best wishes in the event of the unexpected.

Trusted Planning With Your Goals In Mind

Individuals and families can pursue financial confidence knowing their short and long-term financial goals will be addressed through whatever life brings with help from our experience and trusting advisors.

As your partner in financial success, we work with you side by side to make sure your financial plan and solutions adapt to every part of your life. From having kids to having a business to owning a home or nearing retirement, your financial needs are our priority, and it pleases us to help you optimize your wealth and independence.

Helping You Target & Achieve Financial Independence

Rely on our ongoing support, resources, and education on our insights page, so we can help you make smart moves with your money, even when we’re not around.

Customized Planning for Your Needs

Your financial goals are your own, which is why we custom-tailor financial strategies that serve you. Get a plan that works to help you achieve everything you want without financial doubt.

Specialization in Equity Comp Planning

Expertise in equity compensation and comprehensive wealth management is a unique combination that makes us irreplaceable when helping with your integrated financial plan.

Independent & Objective Advice

We are accountable to you and make impartial recommendations based on your financial interest without any pressure to promote proprietary products.

Grow and Protect Your Wealth

You have a financial partner to grow with you, offering ongoing guidance and resources to help you avoid mistakes and make consistently smart decisions to protect, grow, and transfer your wealth.

Let’s Talk About Your Financial Future

Maximize and protect your wealth with integrated, customized planning for a lifetime of success.

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