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Zajac Group is a boutique wealth management firm. We provide fully customized financial plans and investment management solutions.

How Can We Help?

We work with you to build a comprehensive plan for accumulating, preserving, and transferring wealth.

Nationwide Reach

While we are happily located just outside of Philadelphia, our decades of financial experience, especially working with clients who have equity compensation and employee stock options, has allowed the Zajac Group to reach clients all across the country.

Comprehensive Planning

We take the time to deeply understand your goals and objectives. We build customized wealth management solutions that integrate and optimize financial planning, tax planning, equity compensation, and investment management into a single-source solution. We are accountable to you and make impartial recommendations based on your best financial interest without any pressure to promote proprietary products.

Equity Compensation Niche

Developed from years of experience managing equity compensation, we have substantial expertise to help you take full advantage of company-issued stock options and other stock grants. We specialize in developing solutions that integrate equity compensation into your wealth management solution, improving your overall tax, financial, and investment strategies. Whether you are an executive, an employee, a retiree, a founder, pre-IPO or post-IPO – we can help you take full advantage of company-issued stock options and other stock grants.

Capable, Client Focused, Authentic

We have extensive experience, leading technology, and deep investment resources, yet, we operate as a boutique firm, providing you with an authentic, individualized financial experience. We offer ongoing guidance to help you avoid mistakes and make consistently smart decisions to protect, grow, and transfer your wealth. 

Meet Our Team

Zajac-Rick-Gray 2

Richard A. Zajac


The resident CPA, Rick’s calming presence keeps the ship straight – Even though he has transitioned the day to day running of the business. Rick has an extensive financial planning background, including 30+ years as a CPA and 20+ years of experience as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. Rick prides himself on being an independent financial planner and is able to simplify complex financial topics into terms that clients can better understand, helping to increase the transparency of the entire financial planning process.
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Zajac-Rick-Gray 3

Daniel Zajac


Lead equity compensation enthusiast – Daniel likes all things equity compensation, probably too much. Daniel is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional who has extensive experience working with high net worth clients who have equity compensation. Daniel is responsible for long-term strategic business planning, is actively involved in new business development, and is charged with leading strategic firm initiatives.
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Zajac-Rick-Gray 4

Ben Zajac


Chief People Person – Ben likes people, and fortunately for us, people like him, too. Ben is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects of financial planning. He works closely with clients to help them make informed decisions for today and for their future. His areas of focus include investment, income, insurance and retirement planning.
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Karwic Headshot Photo 10-1-2019

Michael Karwic


Michael Karwic is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and also holds an Accredited Estate Planner® certification. Michael assists clients with their retirement planning needs and specializes in comprehensive planning for individuals and families experiencing significant financial transition events (a.k.a. windfall wealth or sudden money events).
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Zajac-Rick-Gray 1

Tracy Franciscus

Tracy’s role revolves around successfully providing a flawless customer service experience for every client of the firm, which she handles with ease and aplomb. She is experienced in operations and systems, and at the Zajac Group, she oversees a wide range of areas, including compliance, licensing, operations, office administration, and processing, making her an invaluable team member.
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