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Led by Daniel Zajac, CFP, EA, we are experienced, educated, and ready to speak at your conference or event.

All Things Equity Compensation

Topics include the basics of RSU, ESPP, ISO, and NQSO, as well as more technical advanced planning discussions; all tailored to meet your group’s needs.


For Professionals

National conference, organizations, local chapters. We are here to be a part of your agenda and expand your participant knowledge of equity compensation and employee stock options.



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Be the first to know when we launch our live webinars and online courses. Have a topic you’d like to know more about? Let us know!


For Employers

Are you an employer/HR team looking to provide employees the opportunity to increase equity awareness, improve education, and drive better decision making? Hire us to come in and teach your teams everything we know about equity compensation.

Here’s Some of What We’ve Done Before

An Introduction to Employee Stock Options & Equity Compensatation

An Introduction to Employee Stock Options & Equity Compensation

The basics of RSU, ESPP, ISO, and NQSO, including grant, vesting, taxation, and expiration

Advance Planning for Equity Compensation

Advance Planning for Equity Compensation

Moving past the basics, we cover advance planning ideas to consider in high income tax years

What You Need to Know About Restricted Stock Units

What You Need to Know About Restricted Stock Units

An introduction to all things restricted stock units including a look at grant, vesting, taxation, and cash flows



Daniel’s an engaging, well-prepared presenter for our myStockOptions.com Webinars. He clearly and enthusiastically explains the concepts, detail rules, real world examples. He strives to communicate, connect, and educate.

Bruce Brumberg

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of


Members of Financial Planning Association (FPA) have had the pleasure of learning from Daniel Zajac in various forms. Daniel presented for FPA’s national Tax and Estate Knowledge Circle on the topic of Equity Compensation 101 and the presentation was so well received by the community that he will be joining us again on the topic of Advance Planning for Equity Compensation in 2022. Daniel also presented for FPA’s Orange County, California chapter on Equity Compensation planning. Daniel is skilled at breaking down complex components of various equity compensation structures through visuals and case study examples. His presentation style is both engaging and polished, and his expertise in this space allows him to answer audience questions clearly and concisely. Daniel’s contribution to FPA has been invaluable to the continuing education of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals on a national scale.

FPA Member
Claire Thornton, CFP®, EA
Inspired Financial

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