Experience Real Wealth Management

At the Zajac Group, we put you first.

We work in consultation with you, acting as a resource in organizing and handling your financial affairs. We do all the technical financial work, but most importantly we explain it in a clear and understandable way.

This may include assisting in the implementation of various wealth management and planning recommendations around equity compensation, retirement, investment, tax, estate, and trust planning.

Providing the Support and Financial Guidance You Need

Decades of financial experience, coupled with renowned specialization integrating strategies for capitalizing on company-issued stock, employee stock options, and other equity compensation has allowed the Zajac Group to work with clients all over the country.

From developing creative, individualized financial plans and managing investments—to providing tax and cash flow planning—our financial services help you understand and achieve financial independence. With ongoing guidance and support, we help you make smart decisions that protect your hard-earned wealth for years of financial freedom and success.

Our Process

Even with our extensive experience, resources, and services, we still operate as a boutique firm, providing clients with an authentic, individualized financial experience.
Understand you and what you want to accomplish

We start by learning more about you – your priorities, your future goals, and your current financial situation – so that we can create a fully customized plan tailored to your specific circumstances.

Review and analyze your financial facts

We conduct an internal review of all your key documents to gain a full scope of your finances. This positions us to make informed recommendations for your plan.

Build the framework for your strategy

We use your details and facts to understand your cash flows, income tax, investments, and more. This allows us to identify a clear starting line, from which we can chart a planned course to where you want to go.

Evaluate the options

We illustrate a range of future outcomes for you. Together, we’ll evaluate the pros and cons of any particular concept and strategy.

Select a path forward

Our team will help you make a decision on which plan will best serve you in reaching your goals, and we’ll make recommendations on how to get started and maintain your path over time.

Implement, monitor, update, and repeat

The world changes, and so do stock prices, tax laws, market performance, and personal financial goals and objectives. Through it all, our team is here when you need support, a review of what’s next, or further guidance based on shifting financial landscapes.

Who We Can Best Serve

We love working together to appropriately integrate your goals and objectives into a customized wealth solution.
We achieve the highest level of success if you:
Have big decisions to make with equity compensation
Value professional advice from qualified and experienced advisors
Feel motivated to reach ambitious financial goals
Are interested in engaging with a process
Want to succeed by outsourcing complex financial and investment functions to their personal team of advisors
Of course, we’re not the best fit for everyone. We’re happy to suggest other providers if our service is not for you. That’s probably the case if you: 
Believe anything can be DIY-ed
Want the cheapest possible solution
Need a quick fix and don’t want to commit to a process
Are looking for free advice

Let’s Talk About Your
Financial Future

Maximize and protect your wealth with integrated, customized planning for a lifetime of success.

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