Strategic Investment Management

Shape your investment plan and create opportunities by developing personalized short and long-term goals with help from Zajac Group. With integrated and experienced management, we strive to help you build your portfolio while protecting what’s yours with a sophisticated approach.

Diversify, Build, and Protect

No matter where you are in life or on your financial journey, it’s never too early or too late to look at investing. Learn about your opportunities, and let us help you build your portfolio with a custom plan.

Personalizing Your Portfolio

Your investment goals are personal. Work with an advisor side by side to determine your current portfolio needs and a path toward future goals to help diversify, grow and protect your wealth.

Identifying Your Risk Tolerance

Whether you’re an individual, family, or business owner, your risk tolerance is your own. We’ll work with asset allocation and investments that are within reason for your personal goals to maintain wealth.

Reviews & Rebalancing

The market changes, and so do your finances. You’ll get comprehensive investment planning, reviews, and ongoing management that seeks to help you maintain your investments and improve your wealth.

Tax-Efficient Investing

To help you get the most from your portfolio, we focus on after-tax returns for our clients and employ various tax-smart investment strategies to achieve your desired outcome.

Open Architecture Platform

Our platform allows us to offer more investment opportunities to clients and incorporate mutual funds, ETF, and individual positions into your investment portfolio.

Where You Put Your Money Matters to Us

With our sophisticated yet personalized investment approach, you get access to advanced opportunities, resources, and knowledge to help you potentially grow and diversify your portfolio. You’ll always get objective, independent advice that serves your bottom line and goals for future wealth and retirement needs.

It’s your money, but where you put it matters just as much to us, which is why we’ll help educate you on the best investment strategies and decisions to help protect your money, no matter what life brings. We’re here to help you live every moment with financial confidence and freedom.

Proactive Approach for Any Investor

Whether you’re just starting to build your investment portfolio or a seasoned investor looking to enhance retirement funds, we can help you create a customized and proactive approach to your investment management.

Make Your Money Work for You

Not sure where to start with investing? No problem. We are ready to start where you are to look at your finances, goals, and a path toward making your money work for your needs!

Make Sure Your Money is Safe

You don’t only want to invest to see your money grow, but you want to protect it to make it last through retirement. Work with Zajac to get strategies to preserve what you’ve worked hard for.

Serving Clients Nationwide

Our nationwide reach allows us to work with clients across the country on various exciting investment opportunities. Whether your portfolio is diverse or straightforward, your goals are ours.

Sophisticated Opportunities

Rely on our experience, resources, and more for your wealth management. As an independent financial advisor, we can offer you institutional opportunities that are not available to just anyone.