Optimize Your Charitable Giving

Get guidance for your charitable giving goals to incorporate your philanthropic interests into your overall financial plan for a more financially satisfying future.

Ready to Give Back? We Can Help.

Let your money speak for your mind by donating your wealth where it makes a difference. Trust us to help you clarify, plan and implement your charitable donations today and in the future as your finances change.

Identify Your Charitable Goals

Charitable giving can be as straightforward or as integrated as your goals and dreams are. Bring clarity to your ideas for donating wealth with our help.

Incorporating Your Equity Compensation

We help you plan for the correct type of equity to contribute to charity in a way that helps to maximize your contributions and your tax benefit.

Optimize Tax Deductions

Our advisors are familiar with the tax regulations and benefits available for donations. You’ll get help to maximize tax returns based on your contributions.

Leave a Philanthropic Legacy

You can leave an impact by giving back, even when you’re not around, and we will help make sure the lasting legacy of your good deed is carried out.

Connect to the Community

Get insightful recommendations from our advisors who can help you with local connections to nonprofits and more.

Bunching Strategies

Make your donations work for your wallet, and let us advise you on the best strategic gifts, grants, and contributions with bunching strategies.

Maximizing Your Philanthropic Vision

Giving to charity can be as simple as a one-time donation or a long-term legacy. Rely on Zajac Group to stand by your charitable giving choices and help you ensure your money is making a difference at every stage in life.

Helping Your Money Make a Difference

Where you put your money matters, even if you’re giving it away. Let us work side by side with you to help enhance your giving strategies and improve the impact.

Finding Your Financial Priorities

Get a comprehensive financial analysis from us and build a custom strategy to bring your giving goals to the forefront.

Support Causes and Save Money

With an optimal charitable plan, you could save more money on your tax returns. Find the strategy that supports your causes and helps save money.

Finance Future Estate Goals

Your charitable donations are sure to change over time as your finances do. You’ll be educated and given a plan for donating that adapts as your finances change through every stage of life.

Maintaining Charitable Endeavors

Whether you’re interested in charitable grants, trusts, or annuities, we’ll help ensure your donations are carried out as you intend.