Everything Equity Compensation

Equity compensation affects every aspect of your financial life. We’ll keep you on the right track, eliminate confusion, and provide a clear plan with opportunities to capitalize on your ability to grow your net worth with the right strategies.

How Our Team Can Help

The Challenges

The Challenge

Equity compensation is confusing and complex

The Solutions

The Solution

Experienced advisors to explain what you have and what to do about it in a clear way

The Challenge

Avoiding the burden of unexpected income tax

The Solution

A plan to help you exercise, hold, and sell stock that considers potential taxes

The Challenge

Missing out on the upside of company stock or the risk of owning too much of one stock

The Solution

Your plan will strike a suitable balance between selling or holding shares

The Challenge

Managing the cash flows and tax obligations from an exercise or sale of stock

The Solution

We help you make the most of your after-tax proceeds from sales of shares

The Challenge

Integrating equity into a comprehensive financial plan

The Solution

Professional guidance to help you manage your equity comp with an integrated action plan

Insights, Resources, & Ongoing Education

Not only will you get comprehensive planning to help you exercise your equity compensation, but we provide
ongoing education, support, and resources. Check out our insights page for the latest tips.

Go from Overwhelmed to in Control

Whether you’re a founder, executive, or employee, we can handle all of your equity compensation needs.

Non-Qualified Stock Options

Generally taxable as ordinary income when the option is exercised, NQSOs are considered the easier of the two types of employee stock options.

Restricted Stock Units (& Awards)

Restricted stock is commonly taxable when it vests and removes some of the decision-making from the employee recipient.

Incentive Stock Options

ISOs may receive preferential long-term capital gains tax treatment if certain holding periods are met. However, you may need to address the AMT.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

ESPPs are a convenient way to purchase company stock through payroll deductions. Some plans will allow for additional benefits.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

The alternative minimum tax may be due for years that you exercise and hold incentive stock options. Good planning can account for how much you pay.

Performance Grants & Others

There are many types of equity that you may have, and good planning requires coordination of them all, including founders and restricted shares.

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