Tracy Franciscus

Client Representative

Tracy Franciscus

Streamlining Firm Operations & Communications

With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Tracy understands the nuances of helping clients and advisors work together to meet mutual objectives. With a keen eye for organization and business and human resources background, Tracy keeps the office running seamlessly with support for almost everyone and everything. Since she joined the Zajac Group 15 years ago, Tracy has become a pillar of knowledge at the office, helping manage daily operations and communications for success.

Tracy has assisted all types of people at the firm to solve problems and improve financial consulting by managing and monitoring compliance, licensing, systems, office administration, and processing.

“I take pride in providing clients with flawless customer service and operations management that keeps the firm running successfully, so clients can receive the best financial consulting and planning services to achieve their goals.”

Before joining the financial planning industry and becoming an essential supporting member at the Zajac Group, Tracy earned her bachelor’s degree in business management from West Chester University and her Master of Science Degree (MSA) in administration with a concentration in human resources.