Bespoke Solutions

Our expertise in comprehensive wealth management and equity compensation is a unique combination that makes us your invaluable financial planning partner.

Personalized Wealth Management

With an in-depth review of your financial universe, we provide comprehensive, independent, and individualized advice. Independent means we make impartial recommendations based on your best interest without any pressure to promote proprietary products or strategies.

We use a team-based approach to develop plans that meet your individual needs to grow portfolios and optimize tax benefits while also complementing risk tolerance. With ongoing guidance and support, we help you make consistently smart decisions that help protect your hard-earned wealth for years of financial freedom and success.

Equity Compensation Planning

From years of experience managing significant equity compensation, we have the expertise to help you take full advantage of company-issued stock options and other stock grants.

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Financial Planning

We listen to your needs and goals, and combine these conversations with quantitative data to develop a custom financial plan that helps you understand and achieve financial independence, along with the improved work-life balance it provides.

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Estate Planning

Protect your loved ones and everything you’ve built, even after you’re gone. We’ll help you anticipate and plan for the future needs of your estate, assets, and more.

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Investment Management

We’ll help you develop short and long-term investment goals with a personalized strategy to grow and protect your assets. We’ll manage and integrate your various investments, shareholdings, bonds, stocks, and more.

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Tax Planning

While everyone must deal with taxes, we make it easy with holistic planning services that are focused on reducing your income liability and maintaining long-term stability and strategic tax-savings strategies.

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Charitable Planning

Giving back is an admirable thing, and it comes with tax benefits for your finances. Let us support your charitable endeavors with planning to optimize tax returns for causes you care about.

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How Can We Help?

Net Worth Statement

We’ll create a summary of your financial status with a net worth statement to help you understand your assets. With this comprehensive view of your finances, we can create a personalized plan that works in your best financial interest.

Review of Shareholder/Stock Agreements

Let us do a review of your stock agreements and review what you need to know about your company-issued stock options. The Zajac Group has extensive experience working with clients who receive equity compensation.

Equity Compensation & Employee Stock Options

We evaluate your past and expected equity activity, helping to formulate a strategy that includes tax planning, investment risk, and financial goals. Whether you’re a founder, executive, or employee, we have the deep expertise to help you take advantage of your company-issued stock options.

Retirement Planning & Cash Flow Analysis

We work with you to plan for retirement. This includes working to build the appropriate wealth pre-retirement, as well as developing a strategic plan to distribute assets post-retirement in a tax-smart manner.

Asset Allocation Illustration & Analysis

With this investment strategy, we can help you balance risk and maximize reward according to your unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment opportunities.

Investment Management Services

We’ll help you develop short and long-term investment goals with a personalized strategy to grow and protect your assets. Investment management services are available upon request.

Estate Flow Chart & Trust Planning Strategies

Plan for the future of your estate, protect your wealth, and bring greater confidence to your loved ones. We’ll provide strategic estate and trust planning to ensure all your assets, businesses, stock, and more are protected in the event of the unexpected.

Third Party Review of Fees & Services

We can provide a review of third-party fees and services within your financial plan or assets to ensure everything is optimized.

Assistance With Other Advisors

If you happen to be working with multiple financial advisors, we can provide assistance and communicate with your team to provide solutions and planning in your best interest.

Customized Documents & Planning

Your needs are our priority, so whatever financial assistance you require, our team will provide it with customized planning, document preparation, and more for your wealth protection.

Let’s Talk About Your Financial Future

Maximize and protect your wealth with integrated, customized planning for a lifetime of success.

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